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In this section, you'll find information regarding the people, culture, and physical plant of our company. If you want to know where we're located, our hours of business, or simply what makes us tick, just follow the provided links for more information.

It's extremely important to us that our clients know whom they're doing business with. Once you take the time to find out what we're all about, we're confident you'll like what you see.


Mark Beaumont

Owner, Design & Installation Director

Native of NY, NY; BA graduate from Rutgers, The State University of NJ Fine Art, Technical Theatre 1979. Resident Set Designer Jupiter Theatre 1989 - 1996. Built MuscularStang drag race car in 2000 to help promote awareness for Muscular Dystrophy and related Neuromuscular Diseases. Best ET 10.16 134 MPH in 1/4 mile. Please visit www.MuscularStangRacing.net to learn more. Happily married to Ruth with 2 children, Adam & Allison.

Adam Beaumont

Design, Production

Graduate of Inlet Grove 2003 Automotive Program. Gamely battling the effects of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, nonetheless, Adam's designs are spec on and he can weed like a fiend.

Sean Kelley

Airbrush Artist, Installation

Florida native and part-time resident of New Brunswick Canada; 26 years airbrush experience, 5 year veteran of Daytona Beach T-Shirt airbrush scene late 80's, highly recognizable around town with his corkscrew curls, red cons, and wild rides like his yellow flamed purple 72 Buick Riviera which unfortunately was totaled just prior to Christmas 2005 ( a lady t-boned him after she ran a red light at the corner of Old Dixie and Center Street. Sean also illustrated and helped with the creative concept for the children's book "The Adventures of Porthole the Loggerhead Turtle".

Drive More Sales!

The time that is spent sitting in traffic is time well spent. The person who will become your next customer is probably on the same roads as you.


We are familiar with your business and understand
the value that your company obtains from your fleet of vehicles.

We are aware of the potential impact on your revenue that an inoperable fleet could have. When installing your graphics, we will work with your schedule as much as possible.


Our company specializes in the design of vehicle graphics for all kinds of companies. It is our goal to transform your automobiles into mobile billboards that generate cash for your company.

Our primary focus is on vehicle graphics and the direct effect that they have on your overall revenue.


Our company's founders bring an unparalleled combination of advertising experience and installation know-how to the table.

We have helped hundreds of businesses increase their revenue through the application of advertising science, and we have installed wraps on thousands of vehicles.


Our clients often face difficult choices, and we guide them through the process of making those choices. What kinds of cars? What design? Which substance is it?

Because we have such a thorough understanding of the various alternatives for vehicle graphics, we can provide our customers with an amazing experience.


1535 Cypress Drive # 7 & 8 Jupiter, FL 33469

1535 S Cypress Dr, Jupiter, FL 33469, USA

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